Aqua still interested in Chester Water Authority

Remember a couple of months ago when behemoth local water company Aqua America sets its sights on the Chester Water Authority.

At that time the Chester Water Authority board rejected the offer.

But the popular thought was that they would not be going away.

They were right.

Aqua continues to be interested in the firm, but so far Chester Water Authority continues to resist.

You can read the latest here.

I have a person stake in this story. Sort of.

Take a close look at the bottled water on the tables during yesterday's meeting of the Chester Water Authority Board at Neumann University.

Yes, that sparkling water is the pride of the Octoraro Reservoir. I am guessing most people in Delaware County don't know that. They don't realize that when they turn on their spigots that beautiful water that flows out comes from right outside my home town of Oxford, Pa. I've done a lot of things in that water, including being chased out of it on any number of occasions.

Come to think of it, today would be a great day to cool off while fishing and swimming in the water I spent a lot of time in back in my youth.

I feel a sick day coming on.