It's Fry-Day!

Welcome to Fry-Day!

I can remember actually using that headline on the front page of the paper back in the day.

One thing you can usually count on when we get into one of these kinds of heat waves.

You know it's going to end with a bang.

We're almost at 80 already before 6 a.m., and later today we'll be back in the broiler with a high 95.

We are under an excessive heat warning from the National Weather Service until 8 p.m.

The actual real-feel temperature this after will soar well over 100 degrees.

You have to think that at some point we are going to get hit with some nasty thunderstorms to break up all this heat. But right now it looks like we'll stay in the soup through the weekend.

You can get the full forecast here.

Me? I'll be smiling. I love this weather.