Remembering Bianca Roberson

In my Monday Letter From the Editor column, I talked about the lingering question that hangs over the road-rage case that snuffed out the life of a
promising young high school graduate from Chester County.

What could possibly make someone pull out a gun and shoot another person over a traffic incident? Is that the level we have now descended to as a society?

We still are looking for answers as David Desper, the Delaware County man who faces first-degree murder charges, is expected back in court later in August.

No one is awaiting answers more than the family of Bianca Roberson. She is the recent Rustin High School graduate who was headed to Jacksonville University in Florida in a few weeks to start her college career when she just happened to cross paths with pure evil in our society.

As much as we seek answers to the question of why in this horrific case, we also should not lose sight of what we lost. Roberson is being remembered with a scholarship at her school. You can get all the details here.

Bianca Roberson should be remembered for what she was, a bright, vibrant young person with everything going for them and their entire life in front of them.