Same old, same old in Pa.

Don't look now but we just raced past the mid-point in July.

Unless, of course, you're in Harrisburg. In that case, you remain stuck in the usual summer budget follies.

Our elected representatives actually did manage to fulfill their constitutional duty to have a spending plan in place by the deadline of July 1. They just don't have a way to pay for it.

They're about $2 billion short of what they need.

An increasing number of people - including the Delaware County Republican delegation - is again thinking that maybe we should be slapping a severance tax on the state's natural gas drillers.

So far Republican leadership continues to resist anything that smacks of a new tax. They prefer instead to look at increased gambling and the possibility of selling off the state stores.

So halfman through the month, here we sit.

It's July 17. Do you know where your revenue package is? If you were elected to the state Legislature, that would be a resounding no.

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