When a national story erupts in your back yard

Every time a huge story breaks out across the region or even nationally, I always caution our staff to watch it closely for any possible links to Delaware County.

You'd be amazed at how often that happens.

So it was a few weeks ago when we were closely following the senseless case of a road-rage shooting nearby in Chester County that snuffed out the life of a promising recent high school graduate.

I could not get my hands around why someone would actually pull out a gun and shoot another driver in traffic. Is that what we have become?

But I have to admit something else was gnawing at me as well. I kept wondering what the chances were that this guy suspected in the shooting - and his now infamous red pickup truck - were from Delaware County?

It didn't take long to find out.

I write about it in this week's Letter From the Editor.


Anonymous said…
This was truly a National Horror Story, and my heart aches for the family of the girl who lost her life. I continue to wonder why we still know so little about the kid with a truch and gun, and a lack of outrage at him having a gun in his truck and being so willing to shoot someone.