Yep, that's me with the windows down

I'm getting use to the odd stares on the ride home.

No, my car air-conditioner is not on the fritz.

I have the windows down on purpose.

You see, I like this weather.

The more people I tell this to, the more weird looks I get.

Now I'm beginning to wonder why.

Is it because I'm thin (although my gut is decidedly bigger than it used to be) and am almost always cold?

One thing I know is that for the most part I do not care for air-conditioning.

Yes, I don't mind it in the office, so long as my fingers don't turn into popsicles, which they almost always do all summer. You can find me taking a casual stroll around our new neighborhood here on South Chester Road most days trying to thaw out.

Here's a tip: Want to cool off today? You don't need to go to the local swimming pool.

Go grocery shopping.

Every week I forget that Wegmans has to be the coldest place on earth. Many parts of the store are just plain freezing.

That said, I realize this is a decidedly minority opinion. We're under an excessive heat warning until 8 p.m. Friday. Today's high is expected to push north of 95, with a heat index (can anyone tell me what the hell that is?) somewhere around 105.

Here's the full forecast.

I'll be the guy smiling on the ride home - with the windows down.