A new era at Penn State Brandywine - 1st dorm opens

If your son or daughter went off for their first day at Penn State Brandywine yesterday and didn't come home - don't panic. They made a little history at the Middletown campus yesterday.

The first group of students who will live on campus moved into a brand, spanking new dorm, the first on-campus residence in the school's history.

Nearly 250 students took part in that annual rite of heading off to college - move-in day - yesterday, hauling their prized earthly possessions into their new digs.

You can get all the details here.

Which brings back this memory. I am guessing not many massive stereos, complete with receiver, turntable and massive speakers, along with several crates full of albums, were being carried into that dorm.

Kids today have no idea what they're missing.

Is it just me, or does it just not seem the same when all that sound is coming from your phone and a tiny wireless speaker.

Try putting that up in the window of your dorm to entertain the party in the quad down below.

Yes, I'm old.