A violent weekend

It was not a good weekend in Delaware County.

And nowhere was that more in evidence than in the city of Chester.

In a city that deals with more than its share of random street violence and gun problems, this weekend seemed over the edge.

Police are investigating no fewer than five shootings that sent a half a dozen people to the hospital.

Thankfully, none of the shootings was fatal.

How bad was it? At one point a bullet was fired into a SEPTA bus. No one on the bus was injured.

The overwhelmed staff at Crozer Chester Medical Center instituted a Code Orange to deal with the wave of gun victims.

So much for Operation Safe Streets? Anyone remember the program rolled out amid much fanfare back in the first week of June, supposedly to stem the violence in Chester at the start of the summer. Does not seem to have had much effect. The violence was not limited to Chester.

In Colwyn, police continue to hunt for the gunman who shot three people Friday night, killing two of them.

Then a few hours later, a person was fatally stabbed about a block away in Darby Borough.