A warning on straw gun purchases

On our editorial page today, we're talking about guns and the violence that is reaching epidemic levels on the streets of too many of our towns.

Everyone agrees there are too many guns in the hands of people who should not possess them.

Likewise, a key part of that problems is just how these people, who by law are not able to buy or possess a gun, still get their hands on firearms.

One way is through what is called a "straw purchase." That's when a person who is able to buy a gun legally does so with the intent of turning it over to someone who is not legally able to do so.

A new state law, named after Montgomery County officer Brad Fox, who was cut down in the line of duty by a man who got his hands on a gun in a "straw" purchase, is attacking the problem head-on.

This week a mother from Chester found herself looking at serious jail time after being sentenced under the mandatory minimums put in place by the Brad Fox Law.

We hope others considering taking part in these illegal transactions that are fueling the violence in our streets took notice.

You can read the editorial here.