Delco to gather for service in Swarthmore in response to Charlottesville

While we wait to see what President Trump's stance on what took place in Charlottesville is today, residents in Delaware County will gather tonight to stand against hate.

The Interfaith Council of Southern Delaware County is organizing a prayer service at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Trinity Episcopal Church, College Avenue and Chester Road, in Swarthmore.

The group is seeking the participation of the Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Quaker and Muslim faith communities in this service, which aims to unite us in prayer and in building peace in our community in the wake of Saturday's violence in Charlottesville. Swarthmore College’s Interfaith Center is also expected to participate.

The Interfaith Council of Southern Delaware County is a recent name change of the group long known as the Swarthmore-Wallingford Interfaith Ministerium (SWIM). The group decided to recast the name to reflect alarger geographical reach and the fact that the organization now includes lay religious leaders.

The Rev. Joyce Shin, pastor of Swarthmore Presbyterian, and Dr. Joyce Tompkins of Swarthmore College are taking the lead on planning Wednesday’s service.