Anyone remember Sam Bradford?

I'm not a big believer in revisionist history.

But I can admit to being the president the Sam Bradford Fan Club.

Still am.

I can admire a guy who fights his way back from not one but two serious knee injuries in order to stand behind very often shaky offensive lines while 11 guys on the other side of the ball try to do him harm.

I thought Bradford had the chance to do great things with the Eagles.

Didn't happen.

And when Vikings young standout QB Teddy Bridgewater blew out his knee two years ago in the pre-season, the Eagles and Vikings pulled off that rarest of NFL breeds, a colossal blockbuster trade.

The Birds sent Bradford to the Vikings, in effect getting back the draft pick they had given up in order to draft Wentz. The Eagles made the young gunslinger their starting QB a week before the season opener. In the meantime, Bradford went off to Minnesota and had a fairly ordinary year.

Bradford needs a clean pocket to be effective. Last night he got it, and the results were spectacular.

This was the Bradford I was hoping to see with the Eagles.

Perfect mechanics.

Balls delivered right into his receivers' hands, in stride.

Bradford dropped some balls into spots that a lot of quarterbacks just can not - or will not - make.

One of the criticisms Bradford received while with the Eagles was that all he did was dink and dunk. Not last night. He was hitting receivers down the field, as well as the short balls.

Again, the accuracy, which we got glimpses of here, was spectacular.

Bradford wound up 27 of 32 for 346 yards and no turnovers as the Vikings scorched the Saints in the early Monday Night Football game. Keep an eye on 'Sammy Sleeves.'

I once predicted he might be the Offensive Player of the Year in the NFL for the Eagles.

Maybe I just had the wrong team.