The Eagles on the radio

I had what was - for me - a very odd experience last weekend.

I was not camped in front of the TV watching the Eagles tangle with their old boss Andy Reid and the Chiefs.

I was not spending another four hours on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon glued to the tube.

Actually, I was driving home from Washington, D.C., where I had spent the day Saturday in a joint birthday celebration for both me and my son.

No, it didn't make turning 62 feel any better.

My wife was a bit unsure how I would react to being away from the TV, knowing my allegiance to the Birds.

No problem, I assured her.

Guess what, there is a whole wide world out there besides the Eagles on Sunday.

Even the traffic on I-95 couldn't dampen the mood.

But I will tell you what did.

Trying to listen to the Eagles game on radio.

No, I didn't go completely cold turkey. As soon as we got back into range, I flipped on the WIP to listen to the game, even though I was DVRing the game. (Anyone else really hate the idea of watching a sporting event that has been taped, when you already know what happened, or at least that the game already took place? OK, maybe I'm a little weird. Like you didn't know that already?)

I will make this short and sweet. The Eagles radio broadcast is almost unlistenable.

That has nothing to do with 'Voice of the Eagles' icon Merrill Reese and analyst Mike Quick. I love both of them.

What is has to do with is the never-ending barrage of commercials and sponsorships the Eagles insert into the broadcast.

It seems like every play has a sponsor.

From the starting lineups to the opening kick to the "crunch of the day," every moment has a sponsor that is dutifully recited by Merrill or Mike.

Even my wife noticed it.

So of course after the Eagles miracle win over the Giants Sunday on the strength of rookie kicker Jake Elliott's team-record 61-yard field goal, I wanted to know only one thing: How did Merrill call it?

As usual, it was priceless.

Thanks, Merrill .

You're still the voice of the Eagles.

Always will be.

But the crunch of the day? Spare me.