2 Delco natives doing good

We love stories about Delaware County natives making good.

Today we have two of them.

Meet Gary Dauberman and Dray Clark.

Dauberman grew up in Glen Mills and attended Rose Tree Media Schools.

He hung out at the Granite Run Mall and was a regular at the Comic Shop, Games 'n' Gadgets, Aladdin's Castle and Jolly Time. He also was an avid reader and writer, spending lots of time in Waldenbooks. That's where he picked up Stephen King's masterpiece "It."

Today Dauberman is the screenwriter for the film adaptation of the movie, which just happens to be the hottest flick in the nation.

You can read his story here.

Clark is a Chester native who has rocketed to fame in TV news.

Now he's coming home.

Clark has accepted a position as a writer/anchor at NBC10.

Check him out here.