A medical update

I have been remarkably lucky when it comes to my health.

Oh, I've had a couple of minor skin cancer scares. It's in the genes. You know, that fair-skinned Irish lineage. Yes, I had my share of nasty sunburns when I was a kid. (What, baby oil and iodine doesn't act as a sunscreen?) The skin cancer thing is in our family so any more as much as I love the beach, I'm the guy wrapped on towels.

Then there's my face. Yes, take it, please. Or at least tell me it's going to clear up one of these days. I just turned 62 and I'm sure it's going to happen any day now. I've only been waiting since I was 15.

But none of that prepared me for what hit me last week.

What was it?

Two words: Kidney stones.

Believe me, you don't want to mess with it.

Kidney stones was bad enough. But a secondary issue was almost as bad.

I detail my medical maladies in my weekly Letter From the Editor.