Another tough weekend in Chester

On Friday I talked about the pitch made by county and city officials to lure retail giant Amazon to the Chester waterfront. It of course would be a huge boost to the region's economy.

It's the kind of shot in the arm that could raise the city out of its current seemingly chronic fiscal woes.

But one of the things I mentioned in the post is that first Chester need to get the upper hand on the random gun violence that continues to plague too many neighborhoods in the city.

The gunfire did not stop this weekend.

City police report that since Friday afternoon, there were five shooting incidents in Chester, with a total of 8 victims. Thankfully, at this point none of the injuries appears to be life-threatening.

The incident include a report of two persons opening fire on a crowded city basketball court from a bridge above.

Before it can talk about the latest attempt to add major attractions to its waterfront, the city must tackle the violence that too many of its citizens deal with on a seemingly daily basis.