Another view on gun control

Funny thing about opinions.

They are kind of like something else you might have heard about: We all have one.

Actually we probably have several.

I have one.

But notice how I phrased that. I have one. Not the only one.

I have made my position on gun control pretty clear.

I don't harbor for a minute that we are ever going to radically alter Second Amendment rights. Nor do I necessarily think we should.

I have, however, on many occasions, wondered why a person would need a semiautomatic weapon.

A quick glance at social media will show you that is not an especially popular opinion.

But I am always willing to entertain other opinions, despite the critics who insist that I shape the news to fit my own personal - liberal - agenda.

Today columnist Chris Freind steps up to the plate to talk about gun control.

Chris believes - as many do - that a band on some weapons will not stop mass shooting incidents.

I'm glad he weighed in.

That's the whole idea. It's supposed to be a community of ideas.

You can read Chris' here.