Dealing with kidney stones

I never knew I was in such good company.

Apparently lots of people have deal with kidney stones.

And almost all of them no doubt are praying that they don't have to face a return bout.

I know I am.

I wrote about it in my Monday print column. The feedback was great. So many people reached out to tell me of their own experience and offer some tips for keeping these things at bay.

And almost every person mentioned something I learned first-hand: They have never encountered that kind of pain.

So far, so good. The X-ray indicated I have stones on both sides, but there is a chance I might have passed them.

Thanks for all the tips. Yes, I have been increasing my water intake. I always drank water all day - when I wasn't inhaling coffee. I'm trying to keep doing that. It keeps the body flushed and hydrated. It also keeps you in the bathroom.

All I know is I never want to experience that kind of pain again.

I'll keep you posted.