The problem with 'fake news'

It's amazing what a nice guy I am anytime I run something people like or agree with.

At those times I'm lauded as a journalist.

But run something negative, in particular something people don't necessarily agree with, and all of a sudden I'm fake news. This just in - I run both kinds of stories.

And just because you don't happen to agree with a story, or don't particularly care for it, doesn't make it "fake news." This is now part of the media sea I swim in every day.

Of course this is the trickle-down from President Trump's war with the media and his penchant for blasting anything he disagrees with or paints him in a negative light as "fake news."

Let me be clear. That does not mean we don't get things wrong once in awhile.

We have a clear process for that and are careful to correct the misinformation.

But even something that is incorrect is not the same thing as being "fake."

If you don't think that President Trump's battle with the media and his perception of "fake news" is not having an effect on local journalism, I suggest maybe you come in and answer my phone for a couple of hours.

Or you could just check out my Facebook page or Twitter posts.

That's where I'm routinely vilified for peddling "fake news."

It's not part of the media landscape.

It's a dangerous thing, but I don't think people realize just how dangerous.

I talk about it in today's print column, my Monday Letter From the Editor."