Politics never sleeps; it's on to the next campaigns

Politics does not take time off.

Yes, we just put one election to bed.

But the next is right around the corner.

Lots of interesting scenarios already are popping up.

There is the state lieutenant governor's race, where John Fetterman, the hulking progressive mayor of Braddock, Pa., out near Pittsburgh, is taking aim at Mike Stack. He's not the only one. Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone and activist Aryanna Berringer, also are in the race.

House Speaker Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, made official what most people already know. He wants to be governor. But before he faces off against Tom Wolf, he will need to tangle with York County Republican state Sen. Scott Wagner.

Then there is the 7th District Congressional. It might take less time at this point to list the people who are not seeking the Democratic nod to face U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan.

Here in Delaware County, there also is an interesting situation forming when it comes to the next county district attorney. Remember, current D.A. Jack Whelan was one of the very few GOP winners on Election Day, capturing a seat on the county Court of Common Pleas. That means the county is in the market for a new D.A.

A lot of people seem to think that job will end up going to County Councilman John McBlain.

But there is another Republican who is making it clear he would like the job.

If the name W. Craig Williams is familiar, it should be. He carried the GOP banner in challenging Joe Sestak in the first race after the Democrat stunned Curt Weldon and ending his 20-year stint in D.C.

Williams was not successful.

Right now he's a corporate attorney with Peco.

But he has a dazzling background as a Marine, former federal prosecutor.

Williams is on the record, having sent a letter to county Republican Party leader Andy Reilly indicating he would like to be considered for the job.

The appointment to fill the remainder of Whelan's term will be made by the county's Board of Judges. The post will then be on the 2019 November ballot.

What is tantalizing is what might happen should the nod go to McBlain to fill the interim spot. Presumably, the current County Council member would run for election in 2019. Williams has indicated he also would seek election.

Is it possible that Williams would challenge McBlain in the GOP Primary?

First things first. We'll have to see who gets the appointment from the judges.