The Agony of Victory

It's official: The football gods must hate us.

Most Monday mornings after the kind of exhilarating win the Eagles gutted out vs. the Rams in L.A. yesterday afternoon, the Philadelphia region would be on top of the world.

The Eagles are back on top of the NFL, with a league-best 11-2 record. They locked up the NFC East crown. People would be making their reservations for Minneapolis, where they are playing the Super Bowl this year.

Instead, a shroud hangs over Philadelphia.

I tried to capture it on today's front page.

I called it the "Agony of Victory."

That's because the Eagles likely have lost the one player who makes them something special.

Carson Wentz left the game in the fourth quarter with a knee injury. Some sources are saying he may have torn an ACL. That would mean he's out for the season, including the playoffs.

Give the Eagles and Nick Foles all the credit in the world.

They still managed to rally and beat the Rams, 43-35, in what might be the best NFL game you'll see in a long time, Let's be clear. Without Carson Wentz, the Eagles are still a playoff team. They might even win a couple of games.

But they are not a Super Bowl team.

That is the difference Carson Wentz makes.

It is the risk you take with Wentz. Ironically, he suffered the injury on a play that didn't matter. He plunged into the end zone on a scramble but the play was nullified by a holding call on right tackle Lane Johnson.

Incredibly, Wentz stayed in the game for several plays and still threw a TD pass.

At least the NFL should be happy. It as great TV.

Now we wait for the medical news.

And we curse our fate as Eagles fans.


There are great old quarterbacks (like Big Ben) and there are great running quarterbacks (like Wentz) but there are no no great old running quarterbacks.

Anybody who’s played the game knows you hit the knees. Wentz tried to be Superman and finally got nailed.

The great news is Nick is very capable and the TEAM is fabulous. Protect Nick in the pocket, mix the runs with passing and the Birds will be just fine.