Pushing the envelope on Page One

As you might have heard me say from time to time, one of the most important jobs I have here each day is putting together the front page of our print edition.

Yes, we still create one every day. Thank God.

To do that we usually focus on one story and present it in a way to get the reader's attention.

Some of our critics call this 'sensationalism.'

These days we refer to it as survival.

Yes, that front page is meant to deliver the top story of the day. It also is meant to reach out, grab readers by the throat and scream, 'Buy this newspaper.'

To do that, we sometimes have to push the envelope just a bit.

For instance, today we noted that Gov. Wolf is declaring war on the opioid crisis. Of course, what he actually did was announce a state of emergency, but I think the war image likely got more readers' attention.

Last Saturday, we were tasked with presenting the news of the county Board of Judges' choice for the new district attorney.

They named an eminently qualified former deputy district attorney and federal prosecutor to the post.

Katayoun Copeland has the chops for the job.

She also has something else.

Almost everyone refers to her by 'Kat.' It even was noted in the county's official press release.

When I saw that, the tumblers in my head immediately started clicking.

What I came up with appeared on the front page of Saturday's edition.



It is my hope that no one thought we were trying to lessen or demean Copeland's ascension to the job. She's a first-rate choice.

We happen to like the choice.

In fact, we said so in today's editorial.