The new D.A. calling

I received a phone call I had kind of been expecting yesterday.

It was from the new Delaware County D.A.

What I didn't know was what kind of mood Katayoun 'Kat' Copeland would be in.

That's because I was wondering what her reaction was going to be after our front page announced the county Board of Judges' decision to name her to fill the unexpired term of Jack Whelan with this front page headline:



Some background here. Everyone refers to her as 'Kat.' Even the county's official press release made not of her nickname. Still, I wanted to be sure no one would take it the wrong way, or that we were somehow trying to demean Copeland or her ascension to being the county's top law enforcer.

No worries.

She liked it.

In fact, she actually showed it to her mother, who also enjoyed it.

Copeland gave me a courtesy call to introduce herself. As we said in our editorial. She's a great choice.

But more than that, Copeland wanted to thank me - and the newspaper - for what we do, covering a lot of stories here in Delaware County that no one else covers. That's sort of the idea behind being a community newspaper, even in these most difficult times for our industry. She scored points with me.

She will be sworn in Friday.

Go get 'em, Kat!