Underdog Eagles: That dog will hunt

All together now:

"Here he comes to save the day."

If you're of a certain age, which I certainly am, you will recognize that as the lyrics to the kids' cartoon show 'Underdog' that we loved back in the '60's.

Underdog is back.

And he's wearing green.

The Eagles and coach Doug Pederson have embraced their role as underdogs in their mission to make it to the Super Bowl.

As per Coach Pederson, this has been going on since potential MVP Carson Wentz went down with a knee injury.

Pederson went out of his way after the game to note that the Eagles have not been getting any respect, that everyone has been picking them to lose.

The oddsmakers jumped on the underdog bandwagon, making the Birds the first team in NFL history to hold the distinction of being the No. 1 seed, yet being the underdog while playing on their home turf.

That win over the Falcons Saturday still has not convinced Vegas. They've installed the Vikings as 3 and a half point favorites for Sunday night's NFC Championship game, which is also being played at the Linc.

Lane Johnson and a couple of Eagles got in the spirit, donning dog masks as they walked off the field after the defense turned away Matt Ryan and the Falcons at the 2-yard line to seal the victory.

Get used to it. We're going to the dogs this week.

* * *

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