A day like no other

This is the day we've been waiting for - after Sunday night of course.

Some of us have been waiting longer than others.

For me? Well, the Eagles won their last championship in 1960. I was 5 years old. That was the pre-Super Bowl Days.

I don't think anyone is quite prepared for what is going to happen today.

I'm sure the rest of the nation isn't.

There were hundreds of people who spent the night outside the Art Museum just so they could have a prime spot for today's Super Bowl Parade.

Hundreds have been standing in line at regional rail stations before light.

All to celebrate a football team.

But not just any football team.

Our Iggles.

Who have finally helped us shed our loser's image forever.

Enjoy the day.

The wait is over.

We're Super Bowl champions.

* * *

If you can't make it downtown, you have follow our live stream, with complete coverage of everything going on for the parade. CLICK HERE.

And if you happen to be out of town but still want in on the action, we'll have a live stream of parade as well. CLICK HERE.

No word yet on whether Chase Utley will make an appearance.

So let me offer this.

We are World Champions. What? You expected one more word? Hey, this is a family publication.

Savor every minute of it!