Johnny & Me

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how long it took me to make the connection I have with Johnny Weir.

He's the former Olympic men's figure skater and how one of the best analysts in the business, teaming with another former Olympic medalist, Tara Lipinski.

I knew that Johnny had local connections, with the usual references being to growing up in Coatesville in Chester County, along with Quarryville in Lancaster County, and training at the University of Delaware.

But it literally was not until I saw his family a few years back on the "Today" show that it finally clicked.

I was literally staring at the TV when I blurted out, 'That's Patti Moore.'

That would be Johnny's mother.

That's when it finally hit me. Patti married John Weir. We all grew up together and went to high school together out in Oxford.

Johnny Weir was their son.

Some days, you just have to love the way life works.

Go, Johnny, Go!

It's in my weekly Letter From the Editor print column today.