Throwback Monday: For one day, print was king again

This one is personal.

I could not hide my smile last Monday.

Yes, it had something to do with the football game that was played the night before.

Maybe you've heard about it. They call it the Super Bowl.

The Eagles won it this year.

But that's only half the store.

What happened Monday was something that had me looking like the proverbial Cheshire cat all day.

I fielded one phone call, email, Tweet and Facebook post after another.

All these people were using the technology we swim in every day to find something of a throwback.

They all wanted to know where they could find a copy of that day's print edition of the newspaper.

It wasn't easy.

We printed thousands more copies of our special "Phinally!" front page celebrating the Eagles win.

And it wasn't enough.

For one day, print was king.


It's in my Monday Letter From the Editor.