Is every storm now a Nor'easter?

It is quickly making its way up the list of my least favorite words.

It is, of course, the new darling of our TV weather folks.

Suddenly, we're up to our necks in Nor'easters.

Is every storm that approaches us now referred to as a Nor'easter.

Storm No. 3 is bearing down on us. It's expected to arrive just in time for this evening's rush hour.

This is not going to be a monster storm. It won't approach its two predecessors that battered the region and left hundreds of thousands without power the last two weeks.

But that is not going to keep our weather friends from beating the drums for the "third Nor'easter in less than two weeks."

I always thought these Nor'easters were storms that formed in the south and then slowly rumbled up the East Coast.

But what do I know. I'm not a meteorologist. I don't even play one on TV.

Maybe I'm just cranky because I lost an hour sleep this weekend. When you get as little sleep as I do, believe me, that's a big thing.

I guess it will be worth it when I get to drive home in daylight tonight.

To be honest I didn't really notice it that much last night. It was still too damn cold to do me any good.

Spring is out there somewhere.

And no amount of Nor'easters will be able to stop it.

My prediction? Roads will be wet, some additional accumulation on grassy surfaces.

Get the full forecast here.