Silence of the Lamb? Hardly

Much of the nation spent a big part of yesterday focusing on Pennsylvania.

This had nothing to do with the Eagles.

This was not the 'Philly Special.' It was the 'Pa. Special,' a special election in the 18th Congressional district.

It's a district that President Trump won by 20 points in 2016.

That's what makes the result even more stunning.

Upstart Democrat Conor Lamb has apparently won a razor-thin victory.

While many are saying the outcome is still too close to come, with absentee ballots still being counted, Lamb is claiming victory and NBC News is now agreeing, calling the election for the Democrat.

Get all the details here.

President Trump and a parade of GOP power hitters hit the region in the final days trying to prop up Republican Rick Saccone's flagging campaign.

Trump of course could not resist slapping a nickname on the Democrat, mocking him as 'Lamb the sham.'

This morning it's hardly the Silence of the Lamb.

Instead, his roar is being heard across the country.

We talk about what this means - is it the first ripple in a Democratic wave in the November mid-terms? - on our editorial page.


Dannytheman said…
May I add here my visual comparisons?
A handsome Marine who wants mental health investigated instead of new gun laws is a Moderate Democrat by any review.
If he wins, it may have to do with his position on firearms more than any other specific political position. This should be a note to Dems.