Ecstasy & Agony in return to yard work

If I were a baseball player (and there was a time when I was a damn good baseball player) I would call this a 1-for-2 weekend.

That's a pretty good batting average.

It's not so hot - literally - when it comes to the weather.

On Saturday, amid the glory of a return of 80-degree weather, I rediscovered the back yard.

Call it the reverse of the Agony & the Ecstasy.

It the was Ecstasy of being outside and working in the yard, and the agony the next morning of discovering I was indeed another year older, and these 62-year-old muscles had not been used in a while.

I don't know what was more miserable, my creaking old body, or the return of winter.

After that one day of sunshine and a high in the mid-80s, Sunday reverted to our endless winter, with a cold, wind-driven drizzle that went right to the bone.

This morning I think Noah is out there building the ark. It is absolutely teeming out there at times.

Here's the full forecast.