The latest on the redistricting mess

The 7th District may be gone - at least as far as Delco is involved - but it is not forgotten.

The legacy of the 7th will always be as being the poster boy for the redistricting mess in Pennsylvania.

They didn't call it "Goofy Kicking Donald Duck" for nothing.

The courts cured one of the symptoms, tossing the old map and drawing up one of their own.

But it is not a cure. That remains in the hands of our elected representatives in Harrisburg. And, of course, that means there are problems.

You can read about what happened to the push to get this crucial task out of the hands of politicians on our Sunday editorial page.

It's a classic Harrisburg saga, our politicians putting their own political agenda ahead of the citizens' clear desires.

Sometimes you wonder if these folks forgot about their title. They are called "representatives" for a reason. They are supposed to represent their constituents.

You can read it here.