The opioid problem is not going away

The opioid problem is not going away.

In fact, with each passing day, we see new evidence of just how insidious this problem has become.

Last week we reported on charges brought against a Chester woman who sold what she thought was a bag of heroin to her next-door neighbor. It turned out to be pure fentanyl. He never had a chance. It killed him.

Today we relate the story of another fentanyl-related death. This time a Colwyn man who is already serving time for heroin distribution faces new charges related to the drugs he sold a man. One again, the heroin was laced with the powerful synthetic drug fentanyl. And once again it proved deadly, killing a 28-year-old Chester man.

Authorities say that on one occasion the man is believed to have swapped a PlayStation game for the drugs.

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