Where is summer?


No, that's not the number of consecutive days of rain we've had recently. It only seems that way.

That is what car dashboard thermometer read when I climbed into the car today.

It is June 12. I know, technically summer does not arrive until June 21.

So call me greedy.

Where's the heat.

Today we are expecting a lot of sun, actually the first in one of the very rare strings we've had recently in which there is no rain. But the high today is only forecast to be 77.

That's not summer to me.

I want to be able to get home, shed my shirt and tie as soon as I can, toss on a T-shirt and shorts, grab the papers and head for the deck to enjoy the last glimmers of daylight.

Throw in some thick, humid air and I'm a happy camper.

Last night I had to dig our a hoodie to ward off the chill.

This morning when I walked out the door I had to wonder if we had not skipped summer altogether and fast-forwarded to October.

Where is summer?

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