The 'Mama Bears' vs. the Big, Bad Wolf?

I see politics in everything.

You'll forgive me, I hope. It goes with the job.

But I keep thinking that there is a growing issue right here in our back yard that could be a problem for Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf as he seeks re-election.

Maybe you've heard of it. It's called the Mariner East 2 pipeline.

Residents continue to vehemently oppose the project, which will carry hundreds of thousands of barrels of volatile gases every day from the state's Marcellus Shale regions through densely populated neighborhoods to the former Sunoco refinery in Marcus Hook.

Residents think it is dangerous and never should have been allowed to take this route, which takes it right past several elementary schools, including Glenwood Elementary on Route 452 in Middletown.

This week several mothers and grandmothers - who have dubbed themselves the 'Mama Bears' - staged a sit-in protest at a pipeline construction site not far from the school.

They carried signs, among them one proclaiming, "The Mama Bears are here, where is Gov. Wolf?"

Wolf is going to need votes in the Philly suburbs to hold off GOP challenger, conservative firebrand and former state Sen. Scott Wagner.

The protesters are not even a little bit happy with Wolf for the way he and the state Public Utility Commission have handled the Mariner East project.

They would like the governor to come here to a construction site and meet with them.

We talk about it on today's editorial page.