We need to laugh more

Is it just me, or do we not laugh anymore.

I don't mean smirk, or giggle.

I mean all-out belly laughs.

Seems like we used to laugh a lot more. Back before we spent all our time arguing about politics.

That's one of the reasons I started a new daily feature. I call it Today's Upper: A Slice of Good News to Start Your Day.

Granted, I'm as guilty as anyone in this dearth of things to lighten the mood. I'm a newspaper editor. People ask me all the time why there is so much negative - what some people would call "bad" - news in the paper.

I always answer the same way.

That'a what people read.

But it needs to be balanced.

So each weekday I have taken on the mission to deliver a smile to your face.

Speaking of smiles, today's item literally was for many of us the voice of your youth.

On this date back in 1989, we lost the great Mel Blanc.

Don't know who Mel Blanc was? Think Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Blanc supplied to voices to all those great Warner Brothers cartoon characters we loved as kids.

Still don't know who he was? All I can reply to you is this: "What a Maroon!"

Hope you're resting well, Mel.

"That's all, folks!"