Forget the Eagles - how 'bout those Colorado Buffaloes!

No, you did not sleep through the Eagles game yesterday after gorging on all that tryptophan-engorged turkey. You'll need the extra sleep because the Eagles are in prime time tonight.

The Birds bring Monday Night Football back to South Philly, going prime time against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

In case you missed it, I don't like the Birds in this game. I made that clear in my Dreaded Saturday Eagles Pick. Yes, I am aware the Birds have been playing very well at home this year, sporting a perfect 4-0 record at the Linc. I also know that the Packers cannot possibly be as bad as they have looked the past few weeks, and I certainly do not see them losing five games in a row.

But none of this is the big football news from the weekend.

How 'bout those No. 9 Colorado Buffaloes!

Yes, Ralphie et al won again Saturday night, beating Utah to capture the Pac-12 South crown and run their record to 10-2 (8-1 in the Pac-12).

The Buffs will play No. 4 Washington Friday night for the Pac-12 title. It's not inconceivable that they could get into the national playoff.

Now, I should put out that this sudden resurgence is not a coincidence.

I believe in karma, and a visit by a certain alum who made it back to Boulder for the first time in 40 years no doubt played a big part in this Buffalo stampede.

One of my stops on my day-long visit to the campus was Folsom Field. I literally walked almost the entire circumference of the field looking for an open gate. Every one of them was locked up tight - until the very last gate. With my wife warning that we probably were not supposed to be in there, we entered the gate to the place where I spent Saturday afternoon four decades ago.

There is really no more spectacular site in sports, sitting in those stands on a glorious, sunny day, with the majestic Flatirons looming over the town in the distance.

We already have the best mascot in all of sports.

Now it's time to kick down the door to that national playoff.

Go Buffs! Beat Washington!